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New Cupboards? OR Makeover?

Decisions, decisions it’s always a choice.   Which will it be spend lots of money or re-due the cupboards.

After weighing the pros and cons – the final decision was –  “Let’s paint” – a DIY project.  Preparation for any project will save you money but it will also save your sanity.

I have a friend who is a “jack of all trades”.  She dabbles in everything and has offered to help me.  My friend is so generous and she offered to give me the chocolate brown melamine paint.  This paint drys like plastic and it is very durable. My girlfriend just used this paint for cottage furniture and it applied great and she didn’t have to do anything to prepare it.   Her exact words were “melamine paint sticks to everything”.

Well then ok lets do it.   TALK ABOUT GULLIBLE.   I discovered paint does not work that way. Paint does not stick to “anything”.   You need to prepare the surface.   Kitchen cupboards have grease and grime on them.  Even if they look clean they still have oils from our hands, so a simple cleaning of water and vinegar will not do the trick.

To my horror the paint was peeling off.   It was time to dig out the mouse sander.   After sanding and cleaning them with TSP – trisodium phosphate.    Now we are ready to paint and we had very good results.   I did get help cleaning and sanding.   It’s not the best photo but by the end of it I was too pooped to care.

Moral of the story – always prepare your surface with TSP.