Vehicle Rental

Cheap is not the best.  My husband took care of this part of the itinerary.   He discovered renting from the airport was more expensive.   So he decided to look a few kilometres away from the airport.   Booking was done on line.   I didn’t pay too much attention, I left it up to him. so we took a taxi from the airport to the rental company.   Let me add that I had never heard of this company before.   The cab driver didn’t even know where it was or even heard of it before either.  The plus side was the rental company paid the taxi from the airport.

imageOnce arrived we didn’t see many vehicles in the parking lot, but we did see a very large office with one metal desk and one employee.  My husband presented him with the rental agreement printout and he discovered an error.    We asked a few questions we received answers but none were answered directly.  Extra charges were being added.   Also this man spoke with an accent so we had a communication gap.   WTF by this time a few red flags came up – 1. Taxi driver did not know of the local business, 2. It was significantly cheaper than all the others, 3. The office was empty except for one rickety desk, 4.  Found a few error,  5. Extra charges, 6.  Did not answer us directly.   7.  Where are the vehicles?   Time to leave. We called a cab and off we went.   The driver knew of all the other locations so he brought us to a rental company franchise and we rented a truck, of the current year.   It had only 33 kilometres on it.   Beautiful.  Did I mention it was cheaper than the other unknown company. So don’t get me wrong I love to help out the little guys first.    We live in a small town and helping your neighbour is important.  Everyone needs to make a living but when you are a few provinces from home, stick to an  established business.   Unless you are stopping to purchase local fruit from a vender by the side of the road.


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