Lady of the Lake

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One Stop Shopping.   The shop “Abby Rose”  has Cottage style decorating.  A lot of the decor is nostalgic.   I recognize many pieces of furniture and lighting.   Things that  were discarded from my home and others were discarded from my mother’s home.  It’s a shame, now I wish I kept them.   If you’ve done the same, then I have just found you a place to get them back.

Abbey Rose is a packed shabby chic gift store.  On the first floor is seasonally filled with new charming accessories, hats, scarves, purses, jewelry, art, quirky objects, witty items and pretty things. It is an eclectic mix of old and new and all things creative showcased in an interesting place to browse. Gifts are wrapped in a complimentary gift bag.

It’ s a shop, café and Pub.  That’s what the sign says, however it’s more.   The second floor also features a salon and gently used clothing and books.   You can earn Lady Bucks, which you can redeem in the shop.   What a great idea!

Within the next few days I will post summaries of the other sections of the business.






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