Edging the Flower Bed

Sometimes projects just seem to snowball into other projects and it just continues until you have a total new look. As mentioned before we filled in our pool this year and this also meant I had to give my flower bed an over hall.

For 28 years my flower bed had a fence in the background and a brick walkway in the front.

So this year I find myself with no pool fence and only one side of the bed edged. So I decided I needed some edging.

A brick edge. I reclaimed the brick  from a section of  the walkway leading to the pool.  In the bed is my dollar store trellis.  How did we live without dollar stores before?

So of course I had to make the bed bigger – couldn’t resist.   It seems I just don’t have anything better to do.  🙂   And my poor Swan has seen better days.

Final bed walkway view.    I finished the bed with black cedar mulch.

Final view from the back with the brick edging.   Those are Sunflowers in the front.    I believe they are Giant Russian, possibly growing up to 10 feet.    A measuring tape will used soon.   Will they really be  that big?


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