DIY Chair Covers

On my TO DO list is to recover two patio chairs.   I was looking for waterproof fabric, however the only thing that is waterproof is plastic and I didn’t want that.   So I settled with water-resistant.    I only need enough fabric to cover two seat cushions, so I took apart the chairs.    The seat was held together with four screws it was easy.     The only tools you need is a screw driver,  scissors, a stapler, quarter-inch staples and of course the fabric.  I took one of the seats with me, I just wanted to buy just enough fabric.

So off I went on a short road trip to the local fabric store.  As soon as I arrived I asked for the outdoor fabric.   Since they noticed I was carrying the upholstered seat they asked how much I needed and I only needed enough for two.      The sales clerk directed me to remnant bin and I started my search.    I wanted something very col0urful and happy looking and I ended up with  a simple beige and white pattern.   Total cost of $11.87 and my time.   A great investment.

This is the before photo. Chair is still in pretty good condition. The fabric is faded.

start by turning the cushion upside down and cut enough fabric to cover the seat and curve over about two inches.

start by stapling the side fabric down leaving the corners open. Make sure you pull the fabric snug.

When shaping the corners make tiny folds so that every corner is symmetrical. As you fold, fasten down with the stapler. Continue until complete. All corners should have about the same amount of pleats.

Trim the excess fabric from the corners. Continue to staple down any loose fabric after trimming.

neatly trimmed and stapled.

completed cushion — times two

The Finished Product. Excellent job. Times two. Anyone can do it.


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