The Evolving Pool

A back yard swimming pool is a wonderful thing when you have small children and enjoy the atmosphere or you just want to cool off in the heat of the summer.   For 28 years we have had a pool.   18 years ago we decided to redo the pool and last fall we decided to close our pool.   It needed repairs and several of the kids have left home and we are trying to conserve energy, also cut down on the mosquito population.    After some thought, conversation and research we decided to close the pool instead of repairing it.    Repairing the pool would cost just as much or more than closing it.   So during the 2011 Summer  we neglected the pool, due to it not being repaired and in November 2011  we contracted out to have the pool demolished.   I left for work one November morning and when I returned  no more pool, no fence, no slide, no pump only and empty area that needed landscaping.     It’s a large area just big enough for a pool ironically.       I envisioned a nice shade tree with a gazebo, a well-groomed Patio and eating area.    Well that didn’t happen, since the ground will take several years to settle.   The practicality of having a garden there until the ground settles sounds like a good idea.   It should only be a few years and then the garden will be relocated.    Hmm.   We will touch base in a few again.

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