Planting Seeds

Before staring your seeds you should sort your seeds into different categories.   Some you sow inside and others outside.   Concentrate on the ones you start inside and sort them by the recommended dates on the backs of the package.  Some seeds are frozen for 48 hours, some seeds are started with light and others are covered up.   The package will give instructions for the best germination.     The approximate panting times will also be provided and this is according to the zone you live in.  So if your last frost date is May 24 and you need to plant five weeks before then just count back five weeks.   If you’re really on the ball then you can start using a journal and then compare your data next year.    Doing so puts you further ahead next time around since no one wants to make the same mistake twice.  Counting on my memory is not working out so good lately.

Another thing to consider is the temperature seeds germinate.   Some seeds are slower to germinate with temperatures below 70 degrees.    You may need to use a heating pad underneath or cover the trays with plastic to keep the moisture in.

The goal is to produce seedling that are mature enough when it’s time to go into the garden. 


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