How to Spray Raspberries and Fruit Trees.

So the pruning and clean up is done.   The finishing touch is  mixing and spraying dormant oil and sulfur.   So Kevin is demonstrating that.   So throughout the video he is mentioning how long everything is taking  to complete.    The timelines are correct “in a real world”.    We started the raspberry cleanup project at 11:30 am and finished at 5:00.   Keep in mind we stopped for lunch,  had to search for the pruners, find the camera, find gloves for both of us, get the wheel barrel, find the sprayer, dormant oil, sulfur and measuring cup.     Immediately after spraying, Kevin got undressed and his clothes went directly in the washing machine and he headed for the shower.    I washed the clothes, to get rid of the rotten egg smell.   Then I washed the clothes again.


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