E Shopping

Who remembers, the convenience of, Catalogue ordering?   Many years ago, all you needed was the modern telephone, a credit card and the Eaton’s catalogue.  Today all you need is a computer, the internet and a credit card.   Did you notice that the only common thing  within the two eras, is the “credit card”.  Simplified shopping through the internet, price comparisons in seconds.  Or just sign up for a free membership to a website that already provides you with deals.    Today you have several sites to choose from, it’s not just one “catalogue”.

Let them collect the deals for you and all you have to do is surf the net.   This saves you time and money.  Your purchases arrive at your doorstep in a few days.  If your item is back ordered, then it’s delivered, when it’s available.   No running back to the store to check for availability.

All you need to do is setup your profile with your interests and suggestions will be emailed to you.  Or surf the sites daily during your morning routine.   Let’s face it how many days  go by before you look something up on the net.    Really it’s a daily route, just like brushing your teeth.    Most people brush their teeth more than once a day.


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