To the Airport

Walt Disney Castle

Magic Kingdom

Several years ago our family trip was to Walt Disney in Florida. The airlines ask you to arrive two hours before your flight. Sometimes the departure times are obscure and at an ungodly hour. We had to make a choice. Were we going to park and fly, take the airport van or get a limo?

So we weighed the odds. We have used park and fly before. Our experience with that was not the best. Since it was the winter season, we returned to our vehicle after one week and found it barricaded with snow. After a long flight and a few cranky kids, the last thing you want to do is find a shovel and dig yourself out.

We also used the airport van. So keep in mind, you need to leave earlier than the required time because the van also pickups other passengers. So not only are you in a van with your family but also other families.   Lets not forget waiting in the van, while the other families get ready and pile in.

Our third choice is to rent a limo. This was the best choice, we traveled in luxury and it was only our family. We are a clan of six and we had lots of room. This was also a fantastic memory for our kids.


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