Antique Car

I remember the first time I met this man. He wanted to shake my hand and his hands were greasy. He had a smile on his face and was holding his hand higher than normal so I could purposely see the grease on his hands. He was also laughing. So we didn’t shake hands that day but said hello.

A private auto shop was hidden on a quaint property. The owner built and designed the shop. The Front doors opened up like garage doors and at the back was a man door at the bottom a slope. You could drive your vehicle up along the track guides and  walk underneath your vehicle. Very convenient for changing your oil or any other kind of tinkering needed under your vehicle.

Inside of the shop was a variety of tools:  a sandblaster,  an air compressor and all sorts of other gadgets hanging from nails and peg boards. In the yard was a home-made steamer used to bend wood into shape. The wood was molded  to make the seat frames for  an antique car. This place can only be owned by an engineer and an inventor.  Now at 92, the property is sold and he still tickers with his projects at another place.


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