Just a Little Late

Well the Holiday Season has come and gone already. The decorations have gone up and most have already gone done and are tucked away. It has been a busy season and I would like to show you some of the things I missed posting.

The Christmas tree this year was chosen by two of our kids. They were given the job of choosing the family Christmas tree. Over the years many different styles have come through the door and with all the ups and downs we have it down to a science. My husband grew up in a home with 10 foot ceilings so he was still choosing trees that big. I remember having to cut off a foot or so off the bottom just so it would fit in the living room. So height is important, next off is width. I also remember having only two seats in the living room available to watch TV comfortably. Some trees were so wide you had to bend your whole body and crank your head to watch TV. Also the density of the tree is another consideration. A tradition we carry is to hide gifts in the tree. The thicker the tree the harder it is to find the gifts. I can also remember several days after Christmas day still findings gifts hidden in the tree. Also the type of tree is important, it is better to get a fresh-cut tree and the needles will stay on the branches longer. So off the kids went – which by the way they are adults and this is what they came up with.

just unwrapped


After relaxing and decorating



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