The Perfect Dress

Everyone has had this experience.   Find the perfect dress.   Not all occasions need the same type of dress.    It was time to find the mother of the bride dress.   Yes that’s it.   My daughter is getting married and I had to get a dress.   What an ordeal.    Next time you are in a bridal boutique have a good look.   Mother of the Bride dresses seem to have a certain look.   “Old!”

That’s what you feel  “Old” when you wear a dress labeled mother of the bride and that was not happening to me.    So hunting high and low for the perfect dress, takes hours, days even.     Then I saw it.    It takes 12 weeks to order and I had just enough time.   If everything was on schedule I would have 4 weeks to spare.   Well that didn’t happen.

This dress was a metallic lavender gown with a bolero.   It was smashing.   I went for my fitting and ordered the dress.   What a relief, it is a done deal.   Time to focus on other things.    Going to the cottage, planning a bridal shower, everyday life,  stuff like that.    The day came when the dress was to arrive.   No phone call from the boutique.   So I waited for a few days and then called.    I received the information, a delayed dress but, it would arrive in a week.   Well that was OK since I still had time.   Another week went by and still no dress.    I didn’t really get an explanation as to “Why” the dress is still delayed.     This was trouble.

I am now concerned.   Dresses  need alterations.   I met with the seamstress and the absolute least amount of time she could work with was two weeks before the wedding date.      So the dress needs to arrive in five days.   Five days came and went and still no dress also no explanation.    I received a refund and went on the hunt for a dress I could buy off the rack with minimal alterations.

It was time to pound the pavement again.    Hours and miles later I found three possibilities.    After total exhaustion –  I called my daughter to make the last choice.    So the final selection —-  1.  Too plain.  2. Too much.  3.  Just right.

It was a navy, blue, chiffon, scrunched dress with full body silver sequence underneath.    Sleeves to the elbow and dress length is just above the knee.     Well it didn’t feel like the first dress but my daughter says she liked it better on me.   It shows my best feature – my legs.    Yup.   Walking 6 k  – three times a  week gives you great sculpting.


Oh yes and I can’t forget my shoes didn’t match this new dress.   So off to the shoe store for new shoes.    A silver wedge sandal with some bling.     Wedge for comfort and bling for elegance.   Also purchased at the last-minute was a new clutch.     A mat silver colour with a hint of lavender and lots of bling.  So much bling that I could not take a proper picture for the glare.


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