Dress Up

Casper the Pumpkin

Kids love to play dress up.   As you can see even Casper.    So dressing up does not need to be scary.

Everyone is busy and sometimes you need  a last-minute costume.    If your child wants to be a ghost  They can still wear the white sheet and all you need to do is sew a round yellow patch in front.   They are fried egg.

A scare crow is simple as well.   All you need is a huge plaid shirt, a floppy hat and gold felt strips cut out for straw sewn along the cuffs and neck.  Keep it simple.

One year I had a great idea for my daughter her favorite colour was purple.   So I had a large thick purple sweater for her to wear.    I blew up purple balloons (kept them small and soft)  I attached them to her sweater and it looked great.  She was a bunch of grapes but she refused to wear it.   She was only two so we had to improvise and put the grapes in a clear garbage bag and she carried them around with her over her shoulder.


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