Bridal Shower Entertainment

Have you ever gone to a shower with silly games.    Yes of course, that’s part of the experience.

First game is the Clothes Pin Game.      Simple and cheap.   Wooden clothes pins from the dollar store and a spool of ribbon.   Cut the ribbon, tie around the clothes pins and curl the ribbon with scissors.

Upon arrival everyone gets 3 clothes pins.    The object of the game is to not cross your legs.   How long could you last in a room full of women.    Not long at all.   Some women were giving away their clothes pins out of frustration, just so they can cross their legs.   In the end the person with most clothes pins wins.

Second game is Steal the Gift.  Everyone receives a small gift.    Gifts are wrapped and  inexpensive.   They are placed in the center of the room for everyone to see.   Starting at one end of the room you can go up and choose a gift one at a time.  Unwrap it and hold it up for all to see.    The second person has an option of taking the unwrapped gift from the first person or taking a new gift.    If the second person takes the firsts gift then the first person can choose another gift.  This continues until everyone has a gift.   Some items are very desirable so the game can take awhile.    This is a good game to play when the bride is opening gifts herself and it gives everyone something to do.

Third game is Weight the Purse.   Using a old fashion scale ask everyone to come up and weight their purse.   The person with the heaviest purse wins.   If you win then you must display your purse items.   Which can be interesting.   Honestly I was not able to play this game because “Steal the Gift” was taking too long.


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