This Needs Something

A friend of mine called and offered to lend me these iron stands.   They came with glass inserts, you can see one on the left stand.

So I used these for the Bridal Shower.     I kept looking at them and thought they need something to dress them up.   Since it was  the end of August, I didn’t want to burn candles to create more heat.   Plus the event was in the afternoon, so I        didn’t need candles for  ambiance.    So I put my thinking cap on, looked out the window and came up with an idea.

The first thing I saw was a willow tree.    I wrapped the branches around the iron and used twist ties to hold them together.     When the branches are fresh they are also supple, so it was easy to wrap around.    Green floral plugs were used to keep the individual branches alive and I placed the thicker larger stems at the bottom in vases overnight.

The branches were wrapped in such a way so the glass votive holders could still be used.     The votives were filled with water so that Zinnias and Purple Corn flowers could float in them.     They were very stunning as you can see the final result.

The flowers were all cut at the hall for easier transportation.    No animals or humans were hurt  during  assembly.      After the shower the iron stands came home with me and a few days later I returned them.    As I wrapped and packed away the glass holders, I couldn’t bring myself to unwrap the willow.   It was starting to dry and the leaves were crispy.   So I started to strip the leaves from the branches and  it looked like the plants grew naturally around the iron.

Once the stands were brought  back to Carol I mentioned my dilemma.   With pruning shears in hand and ready to start stripping.   I would gladly bring the stands back in the original state, but this is so much better.      These stands could be used during the Christmas season.   Can you imagine these stands with Christmas decorations and ivy.   Can’t wait to see them, Carol thought it was a good idea too.


2 responses to “This Needs Something

  1. Sometimes you get a surprise you didn’t expect. I had made planters for last Christmas with red willow birch branches and different pine and greens. They were out all winter and in the spring I took out the greens and left the willow and birch. The willow rooted and started to grow and I had lovely greens all summer from the leaves. Now it’s time to go out and get more greens to top it off for the winter planters. Very effective and didn’t cost a dime. I also made hanging baskets for the winter with pine and spruce and a few shiny christmas balls.
    For the iron stands you could also use the battery powered votives as you have no worries about flames near any of your greens. The battery powered candles have really come down in price and improved over the last few years.

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