The Assembly

What would you do without friends?

Arrangement Assembly

Yes, everyone needs friends.   One of mine volunteered to help with the floral arrangements for the Victorian Tea.    Getting help was great it made everything go smooth.  After several hours and two spilled pails, four wet feet, 3 cups of coffee, one garden tour,  12  tea cup and saucer designs were complete.

We started off trying to make everyone the same.   So as things evolved and with the variety of flowers,  everyone was different because we wanted to use all the varieties.   Since the centerpieces were small and the tables were rectangular we decided to have two per table.   We decided each table should have two similar designs.

The oasis foam was soaking for several hours in water and preservative.   But these arrangements were thirsty.    I first started  soaking these designs in the sink however we had so many they wouldn’t all fit.   So plan B came into effect,  I needed a larger sink and we found one big enough for all of them.   The bathtub was occupied for the next few days.


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