Eco Centerpieces

LovelyEvery occasion needs a centerpiece or several.    So for the shower I decide to go Eco once again.   Since it’s a Victorian Tea, I was off to the thrift shop again to purchase inexpensive tea cups and saucers.   They needed to be suitable for a floral arrangement and also pretty enough to give away.

Amost MatchingYou have to love Johnson Brothers.    They have many designs but styles are the same.      I was able to purchase 12 teacups and saucers with similar floral decals but the same style.    I paid anywhere from 25 cents to 1 dollar a piece.   I also purchased 3 green oasis blocks.     I spent one afternoon carving the oasis to fit the cups.

Friends donated  many flower varieties.   I picked all the flowers 4 days before the party.   They sat in buckets conditioning for 24 hours.    Next came the assembly 3 days before.   Stay tuned.

Fresh Herbs Fantastic Fragrance

Flowers Conditioning


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