Hold Off

How long can I wait.   It’s been raining for days and it’s damp.  I held off until October 20.   Yes that night I tuned it on.   I expect a fuel bill in a few weeks.  You can hear a constant humming of the furnace working in the background.   I think they call that white noise. So it’s time to prepare for winter.    Winter preparation check list.

  1. winterize  the pool – about 3 days work
  2. turn off the water taps and drain the pipes
  3. rake the leaves – well really I just let the wind blow them away
  4. bring in the pressure washer
  5. wash all horse blankets
  6. dig out human blankets
  7. bring out rubber boots and winter boots
  8. bring out gloves, scarves and hats
  9. have snow tires installed on vehicles
  10. pick up sand and salt at depot
  11.  clean out fridge
  12.  replace carpet at back door to larger one
  13. put away lawn furniture
  14. put away garlic and plant the rest
  15. clean up flowerbeds
  16. burn rest of garbage already in fire pit
  17. call to have furnace cleaned
  18. check seals on all windows and doors
  19. close the fruit cellar door and make sure vent is open
  20. pick the rest of the golden delicious apples and store in fruit cellar
  21. dehydrate some of them
  22. clean up fruit cellar and get rid of old stuff
  23. bring in fig tree and oleander or find some kind person to over winter them for me – spray them first for aphid
  24.  Check supply of hot chocolate and oatmeal
  25.  take down gazebo canopy
  26.  check spare heaters in garage – make sure nothing is touching
  27.  bungee cord garbage cans to TV antenna
  28.  start Christmas Shopping
  29. bring in clothes pins
  30. put away summer clothes
  31. bring out fall decorations
  32. winterize cottage

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