The Invitation

Invitations are a must  but designing is something else.    After surfing the web for the best design and format.    I did not want an email invitation, which is now  trendy.   So I’m designing my own.

I am going with the old fashioned invitations, through our postal system.      So I wanted an artistic photograph, so I decided to set up a display.   Lucky for me a girl friend stopped by with Photography experience.    2 hours and 67 photos later the cover photo was chosen.    So I thought.  Have a look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all that time spent, in the end I had to go with printed invitations because the printing company could not accommodate me.   Time was running out.

On my way home from work I stopped by a yard sale and bought fifty blank invitation for $5.    What luck, it was great.  After I printed 50 invitations and print the labels for the envelopes, the job was complete.

While sitting in church the next day, my mind wondered to the invitations and I had a terrible gut feeling.   I turned white then my husband noticed something was wrong.  I thought I made a typo on the invitations.

As a result, three people proofreading was not enough because indeed I made a typo – the address for the shower.     So another purchase of the same invitations because the envelopes were already printed and $30.00 later, they were complete.     That’s life.


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