Eco Friendly Bridal Shower Theme

It was time for a bridal shower.    So I decided to plan the shower with the maid of honour.    Well she helped and I  completely controlled the shower and choices.   I don’t think she minded.   My daughter planned her own wedding so the shower was completely mine and I had total control.   Just the way I like it.   Choosing a theme was easy for me.

Something sentimental was important to me.   The girls loved  looking through grandmas “stuff”.    About 15 years ago my mother in law started to give away her tea cups and saucers as gifts to the grandchildren.     These cups and saucers were elegant.   Everyone was different.    The kids and I came to love them and over the years I collected many tea cups and saucers of my own.

Over 60 years ago bridal showers were different.   The gifts were tea cups and saucers so that’s how the collection started.   So that’s the answer a Victorian Tea Bridal Shower.

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My mother in law loved special occasions and celebrations.   Need something for a party?   All you needed to do was call her and she would be available to help.    Very old school in choices. Only the best, linen table clothes and china.   Unfortunately she is no longer with us, however she was with us in spirit at the shower.


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