Eco Friendly Shower Check List

You would think preparing for an event would be easy.   It’s only easy if you love it.  So if you don’t love it, convince yourself to love it.   Many things need to be considered.  Starting with location, invitations, who to invite, how many people, what to serve and in today’s times it must be green.

Your ecological blue print should be considered from the smallest detail to the largest.    So, since I decided to have a Victorian Tea Bridal Shower, it will reflect the era.    So that means no plastic, no paper or disposable items.   This means, no paper plates or napkins, or plastic cutlery or serving dishes.    So off I went to the thrift stores to make sure I had enough  silverware, cloth napkins,  china and serving dishes.

So if you’ve ever shopped at thrift stores, it’s different of course than a department store.    In a department store you can choose to pick up 3 dozen dishes or 4 sets of cutlery however, in a thrift store you may need to make several trips to get all your needed items and of course they won’t match.    So after 73 trips, over 6 months and five different locations I had “stuff” for my event.

It’s amazing the friends you make in thrift stores if you frequent them often.   The staff knows you and they start wondering why you are collecting.     I remember when I purchased 10 lace curtain panels, they were in mint condition.   The cashier said “OK I give up what are you going to do with all this stuff”.   I smiled said “I’m collecting for a Victorian Tea Bridal Shower for my daughter, and I am using these for  lace table clothes”.   Her response was fantastic she thought it was  a great idea.   Another volunteer brought out a bridal veil.   It looked perfect and I asked how much.     The two women had a mini conference and said I could have it for two dollars.   Fantastic.  I used the veil for the back of a white floppy hat.    The bride wore it during the shower.

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