How to Make Chicken Soup

What makes you feel good on a gloomy day, reminds you of home and smells great.   Chicken Soup.

It’s easy to make.   Ingredients needed are – chicken on the bone, heavy pot, large spoon, water, salt, lavage and onion.    Also noodles of choice.

So all of those items are all familiar to you except for one.   It’s lavage.    Lavage is a perennial herb.    The shape of the leaves and the smell are very similar to celery.   That’s why it’s perennial celery.   It’s a sure thing, easy to grow and comes back every year, weather you like it or not.    Like a boomerang.

Soup can be used fresh or frozen.    So to some this up.   I purchased 4 chicken breast at about $5.68.   Created a meal of 20 cutlets, had 3 left over for lunches the next day and made chicken soup for dinner the next day.    That’s 3 meals.   Two lunches and one dinner.


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