Chicken Breast

makes about 20 cutletsSometimes you start out with an idea and then it changes.     For instance what do you do when you are making dinner and you run out of an ingredient.    Do you run out or do you substitute?    Well I substitute.    You’ll know what I mean soon.

So let’s get some cheap chicken breast.   Chicken can be expensive.    I am showing you a way of getting boneless and skinless chicken breasts economically.   Start off by buying chicken breasts with the skin and bone still attached.    Learn how to remove skin and bone and cut your own fillets.     Easy.   Saves money.

In the video the four chicken breasts cost $5.68.   That’s a bargain.    Two meals are made with this purchase.  Today chicken cutlets.  Tomorrow chicken soup.

I started off by wanting to make coconut chicken and no coconut was in the house.   So I used sesame seeds instead.    It was great.

The order of go is dip the cutlet in flour, then eggs and milk and then bread crumb mixture (with either coconut or sesame seeds.    Fry in a pan with sunflower oil until golden.    Remove and place on paper to drain the grease.    Enjoy.   Serve with your favorite vegetables.

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One response to “Chicken Breast

  1. looks very delicious!

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