Frog Tape

Proper tools. Proper tools. It’s always important to use the proper tools when completing a job. When painting you need to tape and that’s in the preparation. Which is always the boring part.

This time I decided to use a product called Frog Tape.    It comes in a green sealed container and it is a bit more expensive than regular masking tape or painters tape.   It is well worth the extra money.

As I said before the preparation is the worst part of the job, however if you prepare it correctly and use the proper tools then the task will go smoother.

I totally recommend Frog Tape.    Several things to remember for your success are:  1. press along the edge of the tape when placing it down.    The product will only be as successful as you allow it.    So it needs some pressure along the edge to seal it from the paint.    2.   Save the container so you can store the left over tape in the container.    Then the next time you need it, it will be fresh and ready to use again.


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