Cleaning Silver

Cleaning Silver is very easy.    You don’t need to buy anything expensive to use.   All you need is crystal laundry soap.   For all you people that have switched to liquid laundry detergent, well yes they still make the crystals.

So my inspiration for cleaning silver came from Karen.   She reminded me about this and I remembered that I knew how to do it differently.   I learned it accidentally really.  Because if you do laundry and wear silver rings and use bleach then your jewelry tarnishes.   So I had the crystal soap beside me and I used it.   Of course I would like to take the credit for inventing this method but probably someone had already thought of it.  Below is Karen’s link of how to clean silver with proper products.  Enjoy.


2 responses to “Cleaning Silver

  1. Excellent Tip!
    It’s funny I just ran out of my silver cleaner and marked it down on my list to pick up some more.. now I don’t have too and am happy for this option because I really hate the smell of the stuff that I had.. laundry detergent smells so much better :o)
    Question though.. isn’t the detergent really hard on your skin?

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