Flower of the Week Fuchsia

         I really have to say Fuchsia are one of my favorite flowers.   The can grow in the shade with partial sun.   Which is nice because what back yard has full sun all the time.    So this is an excellent flower of choice.   They can be used in flowering baskets and baskets, which every you prefer.   I am showing two varieties today.   The purple and pink –  “Dollar Princess Fuchsia” which is a very showy flower.   This variety is all about colour! Hot, vivid pink sepals hug a richly hued purple corolla with dramatic pink stamens to finish the look of this color-coordinated lady. The heart-shaped leaves are light green.

Not to my surprise the egg-like bud is hot pink to red with just a pleasant surprise inside, opening in all its glory with a white skirt. Windchime red and white has a smaller-than-average bloom, but one plant can produce a hundred or more of her dainty flowers in one season.   This season I have both varieties in my garden.    It is a must have.


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