Onion Sets

A Vegetable garden is something that I always have. We grow onions, garlic, tomatoes, raspberries and herbs. Usually we grow onions from seeds, but this year the time got away from us and we didn’t order the seeds in time so I decided to buy onion sets instead. You can get a bag of 100 for under $3.00.

After cultivation of  the soil – use your  hoe to dig a one inch deep trench.    It would be a good idea to put in a small stake  at both ends with some twine so you can follow the line along and your trench will be  is straight.     Plant onion bulbs one inch apart, with the root side down.  When doing this you can plant them all at the same time  or you can plant them weekly for a continuous supply of mild green onions.

Onions should be watered while still in the trench before covering.   This way you can trap the water in with the soil.    If you cover the onions and then water later – the water will sit on top and it will take longer  to saturate the soil and you will have more run off.


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