Thrift Shop Day

One day totally devoted to antiquing.   What is a day off without some time spent doing what you love.   A girlfriend and I choose to go out today and so far it was the hottest day of the year.    So we took our water bottles and fanny packs and off we went.

First stop is Bibles for Missions, most items are donations but I know the money goes to a good cause.    The store is very clean and you can count on every visit being different.    The bibles for missions is the first place of choice for my contributions.   We also have Salvation Army, the Hospital Auxiliary and Saint Vincent De Paul they are all volunteer oriented and run on gifts.

First addition to my collection of sorts was this Blue and White Mustard Jar.    I love the look of it and love milk glass.    I got this for the grant total of fifty cents.   I didn’t break the bank but I love it.    It’s probably worth more but it doesn’t matter because it’s for my collection.

Our next stop with Orono, Ontario.   The Main Street of Orono is about 500 feet.   Well that’s not true but it’s not very big at all and they have six antique stores in such a small area.    If you are planning a shopping day out with the girls, Orono is a place to consider.

I collect the Amish Pyrex Pattern and over the years I have collected the refrigerator containers,  spout bowls and mixing bowls.   Today I was lucky enough to find the covered butter dish.   How lucky am I? It’s a rare piece.   It was a bit more expensive $12.50, but it was worth it to add another piece to my collection.


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