Check Yes for 92 Years

It’s that season again – if you haven’t already completed  your 2011 Census please complete it.     They will be coming to your door.   Like they did today to remind me “did you receive your census forms?”   Oops.   I received the forms alright.   I looked at it and it seemed too over whelming, so back on the filing cabinet it went.   With good intention of doing it later.    Hmm.   Never got to it again.

The kind woman said she can help me complete it in five minutes.   Five minutes, that’s it!    The form was completed in two minutes.   It was great.

The very last question on the form is “Do you mind if your descendants can find you in 92 years?”    My response was “who cares”.     I will be gone in 92 years, so ok, check yes.   What the heck.    The kind woman said everyone seems to have the same response.     The bottom line is not whether you check “yes” or “no“, just complete the form or they will come knocking at your door.   Apparently it’s the law.   Who knew?


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