Steaming Dryer Ball to the Rescue

If asked “who loves doing laundry?” , I am sure that the response would not be “I do. I do”.   It’s very time-consuming and tedious.       Growing up I remember the old wringer washer and then the upgrade to the top load washer.   Hanging clothes to dry.    Laundry best practices have evolved.

Today I have a front load washer and dryer.    I avoid ironing like the plaque so I will try anything to avoid the “iron”.      I have discovered something that works.  

It’s the steaming dryer ball.     I was sceptical at first but since I love gadgets, it was calling out to me.    This is best used when you have forgotten a load of dry laundry in the dryer and they are a wrinkled mess.   Or better yet when someone is helping you with the laundry and dries the clothes, put the dried clothes in a laundry basket.   Of course they have to squeeze the clothes in the basket so they all fit in.    Placing them on the sofa and leaves it there for a day until you discover them.    Thanks for helping.   So the Steaming Dryer Ball to the Rescue.  You take the ball and soak it.   I found if you use hot water and squeeze the ball under water you will get more water into the sponge.    Place clothes in the dryer and timer should be about 10 minutes.    Take out immediately and clothes are practically wrinkle free.   Another problem solved.


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