Proper Tools

As I said before you can do anything if you think long enough and you have the proper tools.     Tell me, what do you think this is?   I will give you a hint.    If you don’t have this tool then you will probably use a butter knife or flat head screw driver instead of it.    Look closer.    Give up?

Ok I’ll  give you a hint you use this tool with paint cans.   It does not damage the lid or sides.    It will be used again and again.     I have bought about five of them because I keep loosing them.    This time I am ahead of the game because I have placed a nail on the paint can shelf and it has its own private hang out place.  

So you may have guessed it.   It’s a paint can opener.   Costs 59 cents but save you time, frustration and saves your lid.    No more butter knifes please.


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