Birthdays  do not have the same meaning when you get older.    Kids enjoy birthdays because it fills them with self-esteem and they want to be older.   Everyone comes to see them and they get gifts.   It’s all about them.

Well then you grow up and things are not the same.   Men don’t seem to mind birthdays, they seem to like the “It’s all about me syndrome”.

So as for women, we tend to love birthdays as well – however then the time comes when you don’t want to count anymore.    We all have a target number –  this is my year.    I have decided not to get any older and this year my birthdays will end.      I only mean, in the fact that, I will no longer be counting.   Counting up – that is – I will be holding steady.

As time goes by the numbers will fade and DOB is no longer an important recognition.    So it’s time to focus on positive things like nice legs or big eyes.   Only think of the good stuff and remember to use moisturizer.


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