Minor Reno

Well you can do anything if you think about it long enough and have the right tools.   Today we are going to fill a few minor drywall holes.

Drywall compound is the first thing you need, it comes in many sizes and since my husband shops at the land of big.    I have a big pail of mud.     You need to properly make sure that it is mixed.  Then of course you need a spreader widget.    I’m not sure of the name but it is necessary to spread the mud.   Size of tool depends on the size of the hole.
Tool should always be bigger than the area to be covered.   Obtain an ample amount of mud on the spreader and spread it onto the surface.

Smooth over the damaged area and wait 24 hours to dry.   Next day check for coverage the mud will shrink into the holes so a second coat is usually needed.    So fill again.  Let dry 24 hours and sand.   When smooth enough to your liking prime the area then paint the desired colour.    Easy Peasy.   Anyone can do it.


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