I grew up in the motor city so the country was something new to me.   However growing up my father always had a vegetable garden and mother had flower beds and lots of house plants.  I remember going to farms and picking peppers, tomatoes and apples.

Kevin and I got married in May 1983 and we moved to the country.   Kevin grew up like any other Country boy, delivering his newspapers on pony back.  So marrying someone like me does not make him a city boy.    Yes, it makes me a Country girl by default.  I know he was worried about it because he was a shift worker and I would be alone at night.    This is when I discovered we don’t have street lights and it is pretty dark and quiet.   I  slept with the neighbours side door light shining in my window for years and that was normal.

My husband’s solution was to buy a dog.   Yes, he wanted something mean looking and intimidating – you know so I would feel safe.   I still remember going to pick out the dog.    The breeders lived in town and the house was small.   The owners called momma dog out and the pups came out running after her, jumping and playing.    They all looked so active, until we both looked up and one smaller puppy was peaking around the corner and slowly walked in.   His head lower and looking scared.   Kevin said I’ll take that one, and the puppy instantly knew and came over to meet him.    The relationship was sealed with cash.   I drove home and Kevin received a wet lap on the way home.

Archer grew up into a full size Rottie and lived in the barn.   Anytime someone drove in the drive way he would make his presence known.    Archer was not intimidating to us, just big and awkward.   He really did have his territory instincts in check and that’s all we needed.

So living in the country has made me ambitious and one day I decided to play farmer and got some chickens.    I will tell you about that phase of my life another day.


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