It’s Green

Did I mention that I love to thrift?   Why new when gently used will be just fine.   For example we had guests for dinner and they contributed to the meal.   They brought a beautiful squash puff in a oval french white corning ware dish.    I  also need to mention it had a glass lid.

At the end of the evening our guests left their dish with us to finish the left overs.    The casserole dish was brought down to the fruit cellar to keep cold.   Did I mention the “Fruit Cellar” is in the basement and it has a cement floor?   Yes that’s right the lid decided to meet the cement floor and burst into a million pieces.    Well you can’t just buy those lids separately.     I  told my guest the bad news and the good news.     I sometimes see the lids at thrift stores and I can certainly find a replacement for her.

So off I go but  before I left I traced out the dish so I knew which size to purchase.   I visited “Bibles for Missions” and presto I have a lid.    One Dollar  later the item was bought and everyone was happy.


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