Confession to Make

Well before you read this I would like to say “I am not one of those women that makes you sit on a plastic cushion.”   I would also like to say that I like my things to last and look new.

So are you ready?   I leaves the plastic seal on everything.   I have a cell phone, it’s two years old and the plastic protector is still on the front panel.     No scratches.       My kids laugh at me but their cells phones look old and mine is still new looking.

At Christmas I received an iPod  and the plastic protector had to be taken off because it was black,   so I couldn’t use it.  Instead I had to go pay $20.00 for a “ready-made” protector especially for the iPod.    &$%?!!

Just the other day I purchased a new camcorder.   I had my eye on this one and it went on sale, so off I went.    I followed the instructions and charged the battery for 3 hours.    Then of course I had to test it and off course take a few shots.   I turned it on and to my surprise this was not in HD.    The picture was blurry and the colour was not good.

I inspected the camera and noticed I did not take the cellophane off the lens.   Once I removed it – the picture is amazing .   It’s just like the Claritan Commercial, blurry then clear.


2 responses to “Confession to Make

  1. Sometimes you realy just do! Love this :o)

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