Happy Mother’s Day

Certain fragrances trigger memories from the past.   One of my current favorite smells is Lavender.    I use it so much my kids complain about it.    It is used as fabric softener, candle scent, air freshener and scented cleaner.   You name it, if I can get it, we have it.   My kids are growing up and moving out.   The day will come when they will smell some Lavender and it will remind them of home.   Mom might not be available but the memories are still with us.

The  aroma of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove,  bleach used as a common cleaner and the smell of fried food.     Yes that is what reminds me of my childhood home.

Oh yes and today, how can I forget we usually have some horsey smell hanging around.    I use Lavender Febreze to cover that up.    After a while you don’t smell horses anymore, until we have visitors and the aroma shows up again.   Funny how that works.


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