Forgot My Gardening Gloves

Our local nursery offered a plant and learn workshop.   A small fee was charged and you receive a 12 inch pot with the proper soil mix, this pot can be used as an insert for a decorative urn.

We arrive at the nursery and it’s a beautiful place. We can smell the flowers and everything looks so happy and fresh.   We are greeted by the instructor and a rustic work bench is provided for us to assemble our containers.

So this is the thing we were asked to pick one accent center plant which would be a tall grass of some sort.   We also need 4 fillers, 4 trailers, and 2 ivy.     So keep in mind, it is a total of 11 plants.

It was so hard choosing from the rack of flowers.   We had to decide between shade, sun, partial shade and colour.  Our pots are so big and the plants are so small.   Some of them were plugs.   It was easy to put a few more plants in, by mistake of course.    I smiled at a young lady across the bench and she came over to speak to us.     She said “I know I must have 25 plants in mine”.

Our names were placed on the planters and we would return in 3 weeks.   When the time comes you will see my creation.   I promise.


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