Royal Wedding Day

It is 4:00 a.m. my alarm sounds, it’s time to get up.  I grab my house coat, travel to the kitchen and plug-in kettle and take out my cup.   Since it is a special day I am using a Royal Albert bone China Cup and Saucer.  I live in Ontario the pattern is the Trillium of course.    I warm my Sadler tea pot and use one Salada tea bag, let it steep.   I get the milk and pour it into a white bone china creamer, it just doesn’t seem right to use the plastic milk pitcher.   These details are important when you are watching History in the Making.    Prepare my crumpets and jam.   Well that part is a lie I only had ginger snaps.  Get cosy in the “Momma Chair” watch the big event.

Starting with Mom and Dads wedding, 30 years ago of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.   Watched the ceremony and vows, and remembering that day.   30 years ago I also watched that wedding; I was younger then and didn’t get up to watch it live, which is why I am in the living room by my self and everyone else is sleeping.

Elton John was a close friend of Diana and he remained close with the boys. He was in attendance of the wedding of today.    Elton John wrote Candle in the Wind for Diana.   It came out just days after her death and millions were made and all the money was donated to a charity in her name.

Thousands of people are waiting for hours; invited guests arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to be seated.   What is needed is a healthy bladder.    Spectators travel near and far to watch the event.   As I watch the arrival of guests I see an array of hats embellished with feathers, flowers, ribbons, taffeta, glitter and other miscellaneous bling.   The hats come in many shapes and colours.   Some of them I wonder how they kept them on; it must be with many hat pins.  Wait I think I saw someone without a hat.  Hmm

My tea is now cold and I want to heat it up so I realize I can put my cup and saucer in the micro wave because it has gold on it and I don’t feel like watching a fireworks display.   So I pour my tea into another bone china mug and nuke it.   Then pour it back into the cup and saucer.  So how many other people had to do that?

Kate Middleton is a New Style Bride she is University Educated and is now 10 years older than Diana and she knows her groom well.    They had a 7 year courtship and they lived together.   Something 30 years ago would be scandalous; today it is accepted with no surprises.

As for a British tradition Prince William was given another title by the Queen this morning, he is also the Duke of Cambridge.  Prince William and Prince Harry arrive and they are both wearing military uniforms.

They walk across the red carpet so leisurely and they greet guests.   They both look so relaxed.    The rest of the Royal family arrives and the bride is the last to arrive.

The anticipation for seeing the bride is coming to an end.   We get a glimpse of her going in the vehicle and traveling along the street of England to West Minister Abby.   The big reveal, yes she is wearing lace and her back and sleeves are covered, a Sara Burton Design.   She is wearing a Tiara, from the queen mother’s collection, never worn.

Kate continues her procession down the red carpet with her father.   Hey are holding hands and it looks like she has a tight grip going on.   At the altar William is looking forward and not turning around (that part must be tradition).   However I see Harry standing beside William and he steals a glimpse.    Smiles and says something quietly to his brother.   Harry seems to have a mischievous look and I would love to know what he said to his brother.

Kate arrives and they are standing in the same area when they are going to be crowned King and Queen of England.   Vows were given and read,  “I doeswere said.   Many inspirational things were said during the ceremony which I don’t remember for the lack of sleep.   In the end we all say Amen.    It’s time to sign the papers so away they go and back in a few minutes.

A procession starts again going out of the church.   Kate passes the Queen and she stops to curtsy.   Smiles all around and off they go.  At this time it was about 7:05 and my husband comes out and the one thing he notices is “William is wearing spurs”.    Of course only a true horse man would notice that, just out of the blue.

Everyone arrived in motor vehicles but after the ceremony and  a flick of the magic wand they leave in an open carriage drawn by four grey horses.    Travel through the streets of London waving to the fans.   Some of the camera shots were behind the crowds, so I found myself standing up so I could see well.   That’s crazy it’s on television I am not going to see over the crowd.   They arrive at Buckingham Palace and go inside.

The next attraction is the balcony kiss.   To be held at 8:25 am.    The crowds are lead to the front of the palace by the police and it’s quite crowded.    So let’s make some more room, why not go in the fountain, the water is clean and I can get closer.    At 8:20 the royal family come out on the balcony and they do not disappoint we have not one but two kisses.    Now it’s time to get caught up on my sleep.


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