Help Me Understand

Has anyone ever said “help me understand” to you.    Do you ever wonder, do they really not understand or do they just want to hear your opinion?

So things you may not understand, may be . . .

  • Why do people have to press the elevator button when it is already lit up?
  • Why people find it odd speaking in the elevator?
  • Why do people not sleep at night when things bother them?
  • Why do doctors all have bad hand writing and those same doctors are surgeons and we allow them to take our lives in their hands?  Yikes.
  • Why do you have to open the refrigerator and look in, just for something to do?
  • How does your perfectly planned day fall apart so easily with just one phone call?
  • Why do you reach the bottom of the stairs and forget why you went downstairs?
  • Why do I have to go back home to make sure the oven is off or I unplugged the hair straightener?    And they are always off.
  • Why do you plan a mission and you stop to do three things before even starting the mission?
  • Why does chocolate make us feel better?
  • Why do brides wear veils?
  • We have two ears and one mouth – does that mean we should listen twice as much as we talk.

At times people really don’t understand.   On the other hand if your boss says help me understand.   It usually means “Houston we have a problem.”


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